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To start yes I have seen the videos breaking down how poor the throne room choreography in TLJ was and I understand that Rose/ Canto Bight plots were pointless filler that left TLJ feeling even more of a bloated mess. However there seems to be a rather large faction that **still** defend the nostalgia-bait fanfic 3 week old oatmeal that was TFA. It introduced 3 bland uninteresting characters, only one of whom was important, literally repeated the plot and characters from ANH, broke several..

**High Tier** **Mortimer Arthur Doyle/ Jim or Jillian DiGriz/Mad LeFou** (Has used Bakamono or Amadan or just plain fool when the urge strikes) (Prefers Morty in non cape setting) Alias:Mr Aaron Sweebly, Sarah Goodfellow, Tyler Smith, Father Ammos Adler **Age:** 32 **Physical appearance:** [Lanky fellow]( Costume: High tech armor hidden behind a custume that looks to be a blend of stage magician and jester if the one making the costume wa..


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